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Success Songs

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~ Natalie Ledwell Co-Founder of Mind Movies ~

“ Paul Hoffman is a master at empowering people to step in to who they truly are and release the MindTraps sabotaging there success in life. SuccesSsongs is a tool everyone should have in their success toolbox. We use them in Mind Movies and people love them. Listen to these songs every day your life will elevate!

~ Juan Martitequi, Entrepreneur ~

“Paul’s SuccesSsongs are way more than just great music. By listening to them daily, I was able to focus my mind On success, creating amazing self-confidence. Joy and RESULTS! No matter what your goals are, listening to this music will help you reach them faster than you can imagine. I’m a more focused, action oriented and successful person. Thanks Paul!!”

~ Jack Canfield on The Song Breakthrough To Success ~

“I love it! I love it! I love it! You are a master. The song has evolved into exactly what I wanted. The lyrics are perfect. The chorus is uplifting and the choral arrangement is perfect. The driving energy is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.”

~ T Harv Eker ~

NY Times #1 Bestselling Author of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

“Paul Hoffman’s SuccesSsongs will inspire, empower and motivate you to change your thinking. Listen to this music everyday and transform the way you think about yourself and your life”

~ Cynthia Kersey Founder Of The Unstoppable Foundation ~

“If you really want to be unstoppable. Listen to Paul Hoffman’s SuccesSsongs every day. You’ll not only love the music, you’ll be inspired, invigorated and supported to joyfully create the life of your dreams.”

~ Christina Frank, Elementary School Teacher ~

“On the very last day of school we recorded the children in my classroom singing "It’s My Time". They loved this song and thought it was very catchy. We talked about the song's meaning and what it meant to them. They felt inspired when singing it and they seemed to be singing it all day long. Some day's the children would beg me to play it during their work time ....and of course I did. They quickly fell in love with some of your other songs, but never quite had the chance to learn the words. Thank you so much for creating this music. As a teacher, I now have music that inspires children, is cool and I feel comfortable playing in the classroom.”

~ Thomas Tadlock, Manhattan Beach, California ~

Paul, I listened to your "Step Into Your Power" CD while I was running by the beach yesterday - all I can say is "WOW!!!" I ran harder, longer, and faster than I can remember, and I seriously couldn't get tired. Not only that, but my mental clarity was just stellar. My day was SET! About to do it again. Thanks for creating such an awesome CD.

~ Nancy Jameson, Taos, New Mexico ~

Hi Paul, I did want to let you know I am listening to your success songs every day & so far, I can say that I love the songs, music & feel that they are serving to re-enforce my confidence, & keeping me aware of not giving power to self-doubt etc...old conditioned thinking. You are a great gift everyone should listen to your songs.


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