Sonic Access Four Seasons

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Sonic Access Four Seasons – A New Five CD Program


Let the energetic frequencies of the four seasons enhance your life!

Now you can leverage science and spiritual practice to realize your full potential.

In this newly released program, you get the wisdom of leading experts on energy who understand how each season aligns with the four major areas of your life.  

You get four dynamic meditations with six effective techniques to support you with each season’s frequencies that align with the four major areas of your life.  

The frequencies in Autumn help your relationships  

  • Harvest the best experiences in your relationships
  • Reap more abundance throughout your life
  • Balance your professional and personal commitments  

The energy within Winter encourages your spiritual growth  

  • Connect with your higher self
  • Expand your awareness and intuition biding peace
  • Experience deep and abiding peace  

The vibration from Spring enhances your health

  • Purify your body and mind
  • Initiate positive lifestyle changes
  • Tap into your ability to heal  

The power of Summer improves your success.

  • Reach your goals with greater ease
  • Leverage your passion
  • Gain insights to achieve success

Sonic Access Four Seasons is a unique transformation program combining six powerful technologies to support your success…  

All you need to do is listen.  

“I have been searching for along time for meditations and music that resonate with my heart. I finally found Paul Hoffman and his brilliance. I use his powerful Sonic Access program everyday in the morning and in the evening. It shapes my day and readies my subconscious mind to dream about all the possibilities available to me. Paul is a master whose heart is open to the infinite source of creation.” ~ Peter Willis


With Sonic Access Four Seasons, you experience how Paul Hoffman and Paul Scheele have created a mind opening journey combining music and meditation with these six different empowerment technologies that are super easy and fast to practice.

  • First, you hear the latest of the next generation of Paraliminals. Paul Scheele created this technology and today millions of people around the world have benefited from the transformational power of Paraliminals to support the mind’s ability to create desirable results.  

  • Second, you listen to six tones from the ancient “Solfeggio Scale” Paul Hoffman integrated into the program along with his empowering songs that reinforce the energy of each season. These six frequencies vibrate throughout your body, even down to the cellular level. Dr. Leonard Horowitz reported that these same frequencies expand creativity, improve problem-solving, and enhance well-being.    

  • Third, you experience embedded Holosync frequencies from Centerpointe Research. These frequencies allow your brain to shift from alpha and beta waves to theta waves and even theta rhythms. Simply listening gives you a deep meditative state and improves communication between both hemispheres of your brain.

  • Fourth, you get a musical track written by Paul Hoffman for each season with Chunyi Lin who developed Spring Forest Qigong, chanting Buddha’s Heart Sutra. Chunyi feels this chant is a preferred way to understand the universe and become enlightened.

  • Fifth, you participate in a purification process taught by Marie Diamond, the developer of Diamond Feng Shui. Marie is a featured teacher from The Secret and has impacted thousands of lives with her methods.

  • Sixth, as you meditate, the music of Paul Hoffman reinforces how Paul Scheele uses the technology of eidetics, which allows you to connect to eidetic images with vivid imagery, vivid meaning, and vivid feeling. This technique gives you effective access your full potential.

You see, Paul Scheele and I have created our new Sonic Access Four Seasons program to integrate the energy of each season into your life.  With this new program, you can leverage the power of Summer’s boundless energy even in the dark dormant months of Winter. And you can access the expansive creation of ideas in Spring’s invitation for limitless imagination. Or connect into the mindset of abundance during Autumn when the environmental energy is all about harvesting.


“Hi Paul! Let me tell you I have been with a terrible flu in bed for four days, and I have been listening to track 2 of the Sonic Access program as a complementary healing treatment. I started with the whole Sonic Access for Health on Wed. and Thu, letting Mr. Scheele's voice guide me thru the visualization, and then only listened to track 2, the music, but not only from Health CD, but also track 2 of Relationships, Personal Growth and Success. Like a sonic cure, two per day (my head couldn't stand anything more). It was really soothing and healing. Thank you. I had an image at the beginning of the music track, before the water starts running, that it was you in person who were playing the keyboards for my healing. Thank you very very much for such a lovely music.” - Lucila Barbero (from Argentina)

“Paul when I purchased Sonic Access what I read sounded great but what I have experienced has been life changing. Sonic Access guides me to places that I never thought possible. Keep up the great work and please create more.” - Marcia King

This 5 CD program gives you amazing power to succeed in every season and in all your affairs.  


So, get your copy of Sonic Access Four Seasons and let nature take its course to support you on your journey of success. This is one of the best tools combining the proven ability of music and meditation to enhance your life.

“The Spiritual Growth Meditation is wonderful! It really does bring you into a better connection with your broader self. Before I received this meditation I had imagined myself pretty well connected and well on my path of spiritual enlightenment/development. Yes, it blew my socks off. It was the right one for me. Thank you.” - Sandy Hicks  

Sonic Access Four Seasons - 5 CD Audio Set - $128.00 + S/H
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