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Sonic Access

Sonic Access - Five CD Set

Experience the power of sound and meditation as a tool for success!

You’ll feel empowered by science and spirit with Sonic Access.™

It’s the next generation of the amazing Paraliminal™ technology.

Sonic Access is a mind-blowing personal transformation program. You’ll love Paul Hoffman’s music and Paul Scheele's unique Paraliminal technology,. This program includes:

Cutting-edge audio frequencies of Holosync by CenterPointe

Energy principles of Diamond Feng Shui by Marie Diamond

Healing sounds of Spring Forest Qigong by Chunyi Lin

And it is wrapped up in inspirational and transformative music

Just sit back, relax and listen. That’s right, it is all you have to do.

Paul Scheele and Paul Hoffman created these expansive meditations so you can tap into each level of your being and experience the power within. After listening to these meditations, you'll begin to realize greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth. Sonic Access includes nine audio sessions and a complete manual including the following information:
Quick Start
Additional Tips
Face the Flow of Energy
Your Personal Energy Number
Your Personal Best Directions
Goal Card Creation
Guidelines for Goal Setting
Goal Card Placement
Using the Goal Cards During Meditation
Why Sonic Access Works
The Power of Paraliminals
Holosync Audio Technology
The Heart Sutra
How You Will Benefit
The Power of Sound
Tools for Lifelong Learning

You’ll discover how:

Energy responds to you personally based on your gender and birth date and ways to use this.

Sound affects your thinking, perception, and memory as well as every organ in your body.

Selected frequencies activate the energetic levels of your chakra centers.

Precise musical tones and rhythms automatically slow your breathing and heart rate to bring your brain waves into an ideal state.

Your clarity with intentions can support your greatest success and well-being.

Holosync audio frequencies provided by Centerpointe Research Institute resonate with the brain to empower you to access your higher intelligence.

Meditations can provide you with beneficial sound frequencies embedded within the session.

Get your copy of Sonic Access and experience the power of music and meditation as a dynamic tool to support your journey in success, relationships, health and growth.

Sonic Access - 5 CD Audio Set - $99.95
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