Awakened Creativity

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Paul Hoffman is a leading expert on creativity with more than three decades of experience applying his creative genius to business building, personal development skills, marketing and music. Some of what he teaches in his creative workshops on leveraging creativity is how to:

· Increase productivity

· Enhance problem solving

· Develop inclusive leadership qualities

· Support co-creative teamwork

· Generate new ideas when stuck

And much more…

Paul will offer an experience in which you’ll practice skills mastered by innovators, artists, musicians, and all creative professionals to create highly valuable ideas, products, services, and works of art. You’ll discover a map to create your life from a productive rather than a reproductive mindset.

Paul will launch the Awakened Creativity Experience in 2009. If you want to awaken inner resources and create like a master, send us an email at membercare@successsongs.com to indicate your interest.

Whatever you, your company, or your team, want to create, The Awakened Creativity Experience will get you started on a journey of successful creation.