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Every Success Song brings you a powerful message that will inspire, empower and change the way you think about how you tune into your success. So no matter where you are listen to Success Songs and create powerful moments in your day. You’re just moments away from enjoying . . .

Do you have the courage to stand up and declare just who you are?

Are you ready to let the world know you can do anything you put your mind to?

Will you live your life fully and express all the gifts and talents that you possess?

"It's My Time" supports you on your journey to know and powerfully declare who you are so excellence will be your calling card to the world. Inspired by the Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood.

Music and lyrics by famed composer, Paul Hoffman.

Imagine waking up and going through your day invigorated and inspired by the sound of success. Success Songs brings music into your life that will transform and empower you to act on your dreams and achieve your goals. Anytime, anywhere you can access the wisdom of today's greatest thinkers and leaders simply by tuning in at home, at work, while exercising and driving. Success Songs opens the channels of knowledge and universal truth. The words and music resonate with a passion for excellence and surround you with the energy of optimism. Discover a dynamic and entertaining way to connect with your best self and create your brightest possible future with Success Songs.

So start every day by listening to Success Songs and...Hear Life From A Higher Vibration!

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