Client Testimonials

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“Love it. Anyone who knows how crucial thoughts are in creating success should appreciate this CD. You'll literally feel the changes happening inside you. Why? Have you ever tried affirmations? Well, these are a bunch of lyrics that make for a lot of terrific affirmations, and when it's coupled with powerful emotion-evoking, high quality music that gets you going, it sinks deeper into your subconscious and much much faster. My days have become significantly more productive and I always notice myself singing or 'listening' to one of these songs long after I've turned off the CD...and that's a good thing!”
Steve Glickman

“I just wanted you to know that I'm very grateful for Success Songs. The lyrics and the music are very inspiring. I really get a great energy rush as I'm driving and it really puts me in the right frame of mind to create successes in my life. Since I started to listen to Success Songs I've noticed so many positive things starting to show-up…”
Brad Cera

“I just love them all. The variety is great. The sound is terrific. Whenever I listen, pretty much everyday, I find myself waking up and singing the songs. My sub-consciousness is very grateful! I play the music before our trainings. My Team loves them too...”
Karen Walker

“So glad I found a CD with positive songs, all of them. They are so uplifting and empowering. Helping to release the negative thinking from my childhood and claiming the future that is mine.”

“On the very last day of school we recorded the children in my classroom singing "Its My Time". They loved this song and thought it was very catchy. We talked about the song's meaning and what it meant to them. They felt inspired when singing it and they seemed to be singing it all day long. Some days, the children would beg me to play it during their work time ....and of course I did. They quickly fell in love with some of your other songs, but never quite had the chance to learn the words. Thank you so much for creating this music. As a teacher, I now have music that inspires children, is cool and I feel comfortable playing in the classroom.” Mahalo
Christina Frank

“I did want to let you know I am listening to your success
songs every day & so far, I can say that I love the songs, music &
feel that they are serving to re-enforce my confidence, & keeping me
aware of not giving power to self doubt etc...old conditioned thinking.
You are a great gift everyone should listen to your songs.”

“I am so grateful to have "It’s My Time", I use every day as I go for my walk and grin all the way as the words go through my mind and hear.
Gail McEwan

"If you enjoy self-help products, this is the way to go. Very fun and effective. I feel extremely motivated. I think the songs are catchy and fun--You will find yourself wanting to listen to these songs". -

“Want to feel better and get motivated? Listen to these songs. Paul Hoffman has taken the best thoughts from the motivational movement and put them to music. Fun! It will make you move and make you feel good, too. It will also make a difference in your life and in this world. Paul, thanks for bringing uplifting music to all of us." -
Lonnie Gordon

"This is no ordinary music. Paul has a way of illuminating some of our deepest urgings while giving powerful inspiration and a way to our highest potential. All in catchy, compelling songs that I couldn't get out of my head, even if I wanted to. I find myself humming these songs throughout my day, so I know they're having a big effect on my subconscious. This is impact on a cellular level. The law of attraction is definitely at work."
A. Shreve

“I just downloaded the MP3s by Paul Hoffman from Success Songs and I had to get right on my treadmill and rock out my session. The music is energizing, and the lyrics are uplifting and inspirational. Great for whatever you are doing that requires energy and a strong beat, and the lyrics go right into your brain and transform your mood. "Happy for No Reason" is one of my favorites. I love singing along, and the lyrics are provided. Try a single or two, and you'll be convinced just as I was. Finally, positive, inspirational lyrics, and a good beat.”
Maeyer Edmondson

“These are songs you'll actually want in your head- unlike a lot of songs that play on the radio. Tell me, how useful is it to listen to a song that goes.... " I can't liiiiiiveeeeee without youuuuuuuuuuu, I can't liiiiiivvveeeeee......" Seriously, does that ever really HELP? Those songs actually reinforce or start to create those types of beliefs inside you, which is exactly what you DON'T want. This album is an absolute gem in creating what you DO want. I love it.” Johnny Ravs

“How exciting to receive your Success Songs CD offer! I work in Human Services, and am always looking for new ways to empower both adults and children from within; that's where the healing and growth are. Thank you! I can't wait to play these to empower my kid's too!” -
Carrie Toponce-Moore-Cameron Park, Ca.

“I am the type of person who has a song in their head constantly. I have been trying to improve myself and was interested in anything that might help me to practice positive thinking and helpful reasoning. I was pleasantly surprised with the songs on the CD. The words are good, they are catchy (i find myself singing them in my head even when I've not listened to the CD for a while) so if you are open minded enough to give it a try, then I recommend this to you, positive, uplifting music which can help you focus.” -

“I love it! I love it! I love it! You are a master. The song has evolved into exactly what I wanted. The lyrics are perfect. The chorus is uplifting and the choral arrangement is perfect. The driving energy is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.” -
Jack Canfield on The Song Breakthrough To Success

“I first heard Paul Hoffman's Success Songs at several of T. Harv Eker's events in 2003. I loved his songs immediately! They are upbeat, fun, and importantly, the words have meaning. I bought several of his CD's at that time. I then attended Robert Allen and John Assaraf's events and heard his songs again. I bought more.”
Michelle Herndon

“I have been listening to Paul's songs since 2003. I play them when I need a lift or when I'm just driving in my car or working around the house. They definitely raise my vibration and keep me in a great mood.”
Bill Wilson

“I also play his CD's at my own motivational seminars. They are guaranteed to get my audience moving around, feeling great, and inspired to do, be, and have more.”
Mary Jaks

“I met Paul and not only is he talented and handsome, he is fun, warm, and witty.”
LaVera Gaston

“I have really enjoyed listening to Success Songs – I have 'It’s My Time' and I’ve also been listening to “Money Magnet.” I love it when I wake up in the middle of the night and hear my subconscious singing, I’m a money magnet! Money, money, money’s coming to me! Nice.”
Sarah Granby

“The first thing in the morning I play your Success Songs to get the vibration flowing thru me and throughout the entire house. I listen to the cd when I am driving and also when I am exercising. The songs play throughout my mind and heart as I go through my daily tasks. I thank you for following your Passion for music as you have greatly touch my life and millions of people around the world.”
Randy Peterson

“I really, really love your music! The last time I spoke to you, you were going to look to see if you could find me music for my hypnotherapy. I think your music and my hypnotherapy are like a match made in heaven. Your CD’s have made a significant difference in me and my kids. My daughter listens to the health CD every night when she goes to bed. I see your music being a huge benefit to my children with ADHD and also the cancer patients I work with. I offer the cancer patients the ability to have control over their healing process. Your CD’s would also give them something to take home and work with. If I used your music with my hypnotherapy, their subconscious mind would flow with the familiarity of our session right into the healing continued at home.”
Judith Cosentino